i-VAC is a sterile, disposable and portable system used with closed wound drainage and offers a constant suction profile, resulting improved tissue approximation and reduced risk of hematoma. The system features in a pre-compressed state with a standard Y-connector for dual drainage.


  • Closed System Design reduces the chance of cross contamination.
  • Compact and Self Contained System allows complete patient ambulation.
  • Pre-compressed State of Package saves the shipping cost and storage space.
  • Y-connector for Bilateral Drainage.
  • Attached Stepped Adapters allows connecting to other sizes on demand which facilitates easy connection to drainage system.
  • Internal Anti-reflux Valve is incorporated to prevent reverse flow during emptying and reactivation.
  • Reclosable Pouring Spout permits convenient emptying of the reservoir unit and system reactivated when required.
  • Transparent Sidewall with Clearly Marked Graduations at 25 ml Increments facilitates quick and easy identification and measurement of exudate.
  • Latex-free Construction eliminates latex-induced allergic reactions.
  • Reservoir is available in 3 sizes(150, 300 & 450 ml).
  • Sterile double packed.
Description Size (ml) 150 300 450
i-VAC Reservoir Ref. No. MNM-S23101 MNM-S23102 MNM-S23103